Hello world!  My name is Jill and I am a recently liscensed Master Esthetician (Skin Therapist).  Before I landed in such a fun and interesting vocation,  I attended Utah State University for 2 1/2 years, studying art, art history and religion.  Then I moved to Salt Lake  where I continued to date my now-husband James.

I love to paint, draw, cook, draw house plans, read, travel, swim, hike, and go out.  Recently I have really enjoyed learning to cook Thai food and trying as many types of sushi as possible.  My mother doesn’t know how a daughter of hers could enjoy such things, but I assure her it is just a part of growing up.

James is my husband; we met the summer of 2007, and were married one year to-the-day of our first date.  He is attending The U earning his doctorate in biomedical engineering (I know what you are thinking-“wow, he must be really smart!” He is, and saying this to him is the best way to make him feel uncomfortable.  He starts to squirm and changes the subject, but sometimes I do it just to brag).  He will be done in about 3 years.

So, here we are, living in downdown Salt Lake.  We really like it- there is always something fun going on, and we take tracks or ride our bikes the majority of the time (okay, that is an exaggeration.  We do those things often in the summer.  I’m just trying to sound more outdoorsy than we really are).

Our goals for the next couple of years is just to finish school, go on some fun trips, and not rush too much.  We are having too much fun!

But, you won’t hear much from James.  This is MY blog.  So enjoy!


One Response to “About Me…”

  1. Judith Christenen said

    Jill-I’m so excited-I didn’t know that you had this blog!!! Good job-it looks great. I can’t wait to check and hear all about what your learning and your adventures! Love you-Judith

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