March 1, 2010

This week was hard, but I knew everything was going to be just fine once I started to make a cake for my father- in-law’s birthday.  This little guy just about made me jump for joy!

My first chocolate curl!

Then this happened.  It is so easy and fun to do!

My beautiful cake.  It is all gone now, but I want to make another one!

Also, my little brother Luke got a mission call to TAHITI this week!


4 Responses to “CHOCOLATE CURLS”

  1. melhoney said

    I am so impressed! Not only are your curls wonderful but look at how perfectly even your cake is! Whenever I try layered cakes, mine looks like a mudslide. Teach me your skills wise one!

  2. that’s brilliant. so beautiful – you talented girl you.

    i’m missing my gray nails….and purple toes. and you. *sniff* poor me.

  3. Kat said

    That looks delicious! I am very impressed!
    And no way Luke is 19! My jaw about dropped to the floor when I read that he got his mission call, and to Tahitit that lucky duck.

  4. Amber said

    Jill. First of all, congrats to your brother! That sounds awesome! Second of all, that cake looks amazing, and I understand why it’s existance lasted so short. =) Third of all, YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY of the whole thing is stunning! Well done on all three counts! …well, except your brother’s call. Lol, you can’t really take credit for it. =)

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