Ensign, Oct. Issue

September 30, 2009

Today I read the October Issue of the Ensign magazine cover-to-cover, and absolutely loved it.  I don’t think I have done this for atleast two years; usually I read a little here or there. The First Presidency message was especially touching (Finding Strength through Obedience). I love the topic of obedience, and I know that obedience is the best way to find strength.


2 years later.

September 26, 2009

I’m sorry if you thought this post was about food, given the large picture below.  Its about my ipod.  Maybe I’ll write about “crepefest” next time.

Almost four years ago, I received an i-pod for Christmas.  I absolutely loved it like most people, using it to study, work out, and provide music at parties in Logan:

Jill's photos 067

If you are having a hard time seeing the speaker and sliver of i-pod past all the delicious crepes, I’m sorry.  We threw great parties.

Anyway, the i-pod inevitably broke about two years ago, but I continued to use it for storage.  James decided to uncover the real problem, and after only four days, a shiny new 30 gig video ipod was at my door.  Apparently there was a major design error and if THAT function stopped, then you’d  get a replacement.  So, after nearly two years, I have a new one!

Priorities first.

September 3, 2009

My last post was about looking forward to Fall- the colors, the change, and all that good stuff, but in one day I have already jumped more than 16 weeks ahead… to Christmas!

After seeing a post about her newly completed cookbook, I have officially begun thinking about Christmas presents for myself (I have been compiling ideas for others for about 2 months).  Here is the Pioneer Woman’s website.


I really really really like her and her recipes (like spicy pork, orange mini-muffins with orange glaze), plus her humorous photography tutorials.  So, consider this my hint, JAMES.

September 2, 2009

I feel sad that September is here already- where did the summer go?

But I’ve been thinking a lot about the last two falls and how much has happened in two short years:

Jill's photos 033

This was on one of our first dates.  We left early, and haven’t been to a Ute football game since.

Jill's photos 246

Parties at USU were the best.  This birthday-party -fiesta was a great introduction to my life in Logan.  Apparently James didn’t get the memo to dress up.

Jill's photos 201

Our first night in the Emergency Room together…ahhh.  He split open his chin while trying to master ice hokey.

(Good thing I have stopped tweezing my eyebrows so thin!)

Jill's photos 112

I took this while painting with my class up Green Canyon in Logan.  I loved Utah State.

Jill's photos 043

One of my last nights in Logan with roommates.  We went to the grocery store at 2 AM to buy our favorite treats and then watched Molly Ringwald movies till 6 AM.  College is the greatest!

Not as great as getting married, though.  June 14, 2009 was the best day of my life!


Then this happened…





So, I found a lot of food pictures for this time period.  I guess last fall I was working on my culinary skills.

I feel like I have a lot to look forward to this fall.