Thank you James!

January 12, 2009

My Christmas present: the Nikon d70


I didn’t think that it could get any better.  Then my in-laws got this amazing lens:

55-200mmYes, your suspisions are correct.  It is a 55-200 mm lens!

These are my favorite pictures that I took over Christmas break:


My sister Melanie’s baby Scarlett


Henry… Drool can be so cute!


Introducing James and Jill

January 12, 2009

James at the Ranch

James at the old Sorenson ranch.

Jill at Folsom LakeThe lake is so low right now- behind me are remains of orchards that are usually well covered with water.

James on the lake Trail

This was a sad moment for James… seeing such a wonderful bike trail, without a bike.storms on FolsomI had never seen the lake like this… So low, and I could barely see the hills on the other side.  This was taken from my grandma’s bedroom window.